Unlock Two Decades of Business Expertise: Transform Your Journey to Unprecedented Success!

The path to unrivaled growth might be simpler than you think, and it starts with emulating those who've already soared to remarkable success. Introducing the Five+One Certification Program, your gateway to achieving the business growth you've dreamt of.

"The Five+One Model and Frameworks are the foundation that empowered me to own and operate multiple businesses."

I've founded and led four distinct businesses, authored three insightful books, and guided countless others to documented success stories. Working with some of the most influential entrepreneurs around.

Now, it's your turn to soar!

No fluff, no filler—our journey delves straight into the core of success. Presenting the transformative Five+One Certification Program, a meticulously crafted curriculum that distills years of proven business strategies into a focused learning expedition. This program is your express route to success, fueled by the Five Business Disciplines and the Master Skill that underpin my achievements.

Not sure if this course is for you?

Unlock the 6 Steps to Six Figures: Your Path to a Profitable Business Coaching Practice

Ready to pave your way to a six-figure business coaching practice? If you're passionate about making a significant impact on others while building a thriving business, then the journey to success starts right here. Dive into the 6 Steps to Six Figures—an exclusive guide that lays out the blueprint for your entrepreneurial journey.

Five Business Disciplines



  • Crafting a vision and mission statement

  • Creating SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Action oriented, Realistic, Time bound)

  • Four business models to grow your Business (Economic model, Lead gen Model, Budget model, Organizational Model)



  • Your ideal client

  • Your database is your business

  • Converting your leads

  • Creating an online presence

  • The 4 C's of the sales presentation (Curiosity, Connection, Conviction, Commitment)



  • Your financial mindset

  • Economic and budget models

  • The 7 key numbers (Leads, Appointments, Sales, Customers in database, Income, Expenses, Profit)

  • Expense reduction



  • Time blocking

  • Your ideal day/week/month



  • The path to leverage

  • Hiring process

  • Create the culture you want/need

and finally


  • BOND (Build on common interests, Occupation exploration, Needs discovery, Develop opportunities)

Unlock Two Decades of Business Expertise: Transform Your Journey to Unprecedented Success!

These disciplines empower you to launch new ventures, scale existing enterprises, or step into any business and drive it towards triumph. It's all about orchestrating the right steps in the right sequence—the essence of the Five Plus One Model.

Imagine absorbing two decades of wisdom condensed into a single day—a treasure trove of knowledge propelling your business forward. I'm handing you the keys to rapid business success, with no limitations.

Will you need to roll up your sleeves and dive in? Absolutely. Success demands dedication, and with the guidance of this program, your journey can become notably smoother.

This event isn't just about ROI; it's your launchpad to unprecedented business growth. Your drive meets our direction, an alliance destined for triumph. Seize this opportunity and start crafting your success story today.

What does is mean to be a 5+1 Certified Coach?

You will benefit from two decades of experience and wisdom.

  • Instant credibility

  • Proven Frameworks

  • Models to follow

  • Growth Strategies

  • Done for you

  • You can focus on the clients

  • Lead systems

  • And more stuff.....

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